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    VolcanoBox 1.7.6 Alcatal Android Supported W939 V861 MOV2 M960 C919 C918 991 C903 etc

    peter gian03
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    VolcanoBox 1.7.6 Alcatal Android Supported W939 V861 MOV2 M960 C919 C918 991 C903 etc

    Post  peter gian03 on Tue Dec 04, 2012 11:05 am

    !! Important Notice !!

    i had been trying to be in Peace but Honestly Money Donkey Team make me Fireball !! here i am going to write some very Special Things for sure They will learn a lot with this & i don't know My team will be Angry on me but i can't Stop my self.

    Every time whenever i make update gives you world's 1st update right after some time they copy Volcano and make update and monkey donkey team claim we are World's 1st...

    let me explain to all of you about last update about Sking U disk error. Monkey Donkey Team have some Agreement with some coders that already have some failed products in the market. Each time they coming up with new name to make custumer loose money. They are totally fake and useless!!! Almost every time they just copy us nothing else and today i am going to prove it !!

    Few days ago Monkey Donkey team release one video were they claim they solve Sking U disk error problem with Their Sh*ty box. what was that ? let me tell you today. There was 3 guys in india who had Factory Flasher ( which other team also posted ) and 2 Files in PAC format. what was the PAC file is just UDisk area files nothing else. Monkey Donkey Team Beg them to make one video with Monkey Dongkey Box to post on forum. That guy Agree and he just pinfind with Monkey Donkey Box and after that they use Factory Flasher and Factory files. when they had posted that video monkey donkey team had nothing in hand just they had that video and monkey donkey team just saying we are working on it bla bla bla.....

    !! on that time they had nothing in hand !!

    One of that guys contact me whom had Factory Flasher + that PAC files in hand. we make deal and i start working on coders to develop the solution. After i get those files i open them and check carefully what's actually inside. after i see i got it. so what i done is. Sking or any other SPD6530 Cpu Flash id is 16MB + 16MB. 16MB is for Flashing etc and other 16MB is for Udisk Area. what i did is i repair one phone and after i read 32MB file from Volcano and after i write that 32MB to faulty mobile and it's solved. so we take 3 mobiles Sking S9300 , S929 and S9220 we read 32MB flash file from it and we Encrypt it. we know as we release Monkey Donkey Team will try to copy us at same time. so we Encrypt that file and we release that update. So That was the Really World's 1st Solution. I make update after Sv have not idea what to do so he purchase or take Original Flasher and flash files and he post As it is. means there was nothing in Monkey Donkey Box they was just using Their SH*TY box as pinfinder and was using Original Flasher and Flash files for Flash phones. After two days TMC team take our Files and they try to DECRYPT them. as they success in DECRYPT that files which i was uploaded in *.IMG files. they saw we just read 32 MB Flash file thats it. now they know from our Hardwork that we just read 32 MB from that Sking phones and write on Faulty phones and problem solved.

    So After that They Release new update they did exactly what we did and now they Claiming World's 1st. they write lot of bla bla. i am telling to all VolcanoBox users if you have any working phone you can use even old ver of VolcanoBox use Read Flash with Selected 32MB Flash file. it will read 32MB Flash file and you can write it on any faulty phone. it will repair all kind of problems.

    So Guys tell me who was real world's 1st

    WE ? or That F*cking Monkey Donkey Team ?

    2ndly they release and asking they are only world's 1st with repair IMEI of SPD 6530. i think they also forget here that we was supported this long time ago. check this
    VolcanoBox Ver 1.6.7 World's SPD Android Imei Repair Supported & more SPD Imei repair

    Volcano Box Ver 1.6.7 Update 31-10-2012

    for Repair IMEI OF ANY SPD is the link

    so Every Time they just spy us and BLA BLA and i don't know how you people Believe on them ? I really don't understand why people would buy their box. They always late and will always be last. Simply cause it is an empty shell...

    @ Monkey Donkey team

    You had 2 month of brightness but you belong to the past now… Even you are trying to trick users by releasing a one box every 2 month… This will not change anything.

    We have so much more in hands… Our plans for updates are at least of 3 month!!! This is why we are giving our users 3 REAL updates every week. And now Fake " improvement bull**** update"

    So accept you have lost. Start sale Volcano box. And make your customers forgive you for all the lies you have been saying

    Very Happy Lets Comes to Today's update Very Happy

    Whats news ?

    1. Added MTK Android Platform V1.01 ( ALCATEL & ZTE ANDROID )
    2. Modify MTK Andriod NAND Flash flashing
    3. Modify MTK Andriod EMMC Flash flashing
    4. Modify MTK Andriod EMMC Flash Format
    5. Modify MSTAR Flashing
    6. added Samsung I927 & I927R For adb Unlock

    Added MTK Android Platform V1.01


    1. Read Info
    2. Read flash
    3. Write flash
    4. Write Custom pack

    5. Write custom partitions(user's choice)
    6. Format phone
    7. Language Changing Via Flashing
    8. Direct Unlock Phone (Beta)

    9. Direct reboot in recovery from exe

    Where to found this module ?
    Go to MTK TAB
    There you will see MTK Android Platform 1.01
    HELP Included !!

    When you will open this tab you will see Help Button. Press it if you need Help !!

    Added These models


    • ZTE-U V856
    • ZTE-U V857

    Alcatel phones

    • OT- W939
    • OT- V861
    • OT- MOV2
    • OT- M960
    • OT- C919
    • OT- C918
    • OT- A919
    • OT- 991D
    • OT- 991
    • OT- 918S
    • OT- 918N
    • OT- 918D
    • OT- 918A
    • OT- 918
    • OT- 903
    • OT- 903D
    • OT- 903A

    For Direct Unlock. Read code. Format, Write Flash , Read Flash , Format etc
    Keep in mind this is Beta Ver could be have some bugs Smile The Best Online Unlocking Store !!


    [URL=""]Download link[/URL]


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