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    ATF news and updates only..................

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    ATF news and updates only..................

    Post  chachobo on Tue Dec 04, 2012 8:15 am

    [9.23 AUTO UPDATE - December 2, 2012]

    1. Enabled 4GB+ Flash File Size for WinPhone 8 Devices

    Get it Fresh from the AutoUpdate Server!

    [9.22 AUTO UPDATE - December 1, 2012]

    1. Added NV Item FULL Read and Write for WinPhone 8 Devices
    2. Fixed INVALID VID/PID pairs when scanning older WinPhone 7.x Devices

    Get it Fresh from the AutoUpdate Server!

    [9.21 AUTO UPDATE - November 30, 2012]

    1. Bug Fixed on Scanning Simlock NON-LOCKED or DEVKIT WinPhone 8 Devices
    2. Better RAM Allocation for Loading 1GB FFU Flash Files for WinPhone8

    Get it Fresh from the AutoUpdate Server!

    [9.20 MAJOR UPDATE]

    Introduing The Lumia Windows Phone 8 Module v1.0

    Current Windows 8 Phones:
    Lumia 920 - RM-820, RM-821
    Lumia 810 - RM-878
    Lumia 820 - RM-824, RM-825
    Lumia 822 - RM-845

    Full Product Firmware Flashing via USB Connection with valid FFU Signed Images
    Supports Live Phone, DEAD Phone and RED Phone* Flashing
    Full Product Info Reading including Lock Status and Original Provisioner Settings
    Variant Information displayed during Live Phone Scan
    Phone Type will now be Automatically Selected after Live Phone Scan
    Ability to Switch from NCSD Mode to Test Mode aka FBUS MODE
    --> In FBUS MODE, Self-Tests and Some Scan Phone Items are available.

    TIPS for Working with Windows 8 Phones:
    1. Holding the POWER BUTTON for 12 Seconds will force a phone reboot to Normal Mode
    2. Holding the POWER BUTTON and VOLUME DOWN BUTTON until a short vibration will force phone into FLASH MODE
    3. Always make sure you have more than 50% Battery Power before you flash the Phone.
    4. After the phone is flashed, ALL USER DATA is ERASED! Make sure to Backup Phone Data before flashing.

    [Windows Phone 7.x]
    Variant Information now displayed during Live Phone Scan
    -->This is useful for knowing Original Provisioner of the Phone aka NETWORK LOCK
    Phone Type will now be Automatically Selected after Live Phone Scan
    --> Correct Flash Files will also be selected if available

    [Infineon XG213]
    Decrypt PM 120 Hashes for LBF of XG213 Based Infineon Phones
    Show Infineon XG213 Keypress and FBUS Counters
    Reset Lock Counters for XG213
    XG213 Send 15-digit or 20-digit Code via FBUS Frame
    LBF Files SKIP SAVE if 20-digit or Phone does not accept NCK Input
    Automatically Backup XG213 Certificates in Plain RPL Format during Prior to Flashing
    XG213 Write RPL Certificates
    Show Second IMEI Info for Dual Sim Phones (Scan Phone and Backup RPL)
    Fixed "Quick/Shortcut Erase" Bug when flashing "Contact Service" Phones

    [Infineon XG223]
    Fixed XG223 RPL Certificate Backup Sizes (Asha 308, 3080, 309 and 3090)
    Enabled XG223 Write RPL and Custom Fash Chip Erase Address
    Show Second IMEI Info for Dual Sim Phones (Scan Phone and Backup RPL)

    [General Updates]
    New ATF Box Signed Drivers for 32/64 Bit Windows XP, 7 and 8
    New BB5 Flash Loaders
    New WinUSB Lumia Drivers (Supports Windows Cool
    New Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver (Supports All Current Nokia Phones)

    [User Requests]
    Angel - Product Type (RM-XXX) now saved in PM and PP Backup Filenames

    RED Phone - Phone is showing a dark RED Tint with NOKIA Logo Only

    Who will buy this if you can get more in ATF?


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